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Home Health Care and Hospice, Inc

Professional Nursing -

Our skilled nurses provide teaching and training on disease processes, medications compliance, wound care, iv therapy, pain management, etc. They are professionally trained to administer any nursing skill prescribed by your physician.

Psychiatric Nursing -

This specialty is often difficult to find for home health patients and is very important for the monitoring and treatment of patients with mental illness. This includes depression, anxiety, dementia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychosis and administration of psychiatric medication. They are also trained in behavioral therapy, which allows them to teach patients, and their love ones, how to deal with challenges that go along with psychiatric disorders.

Wound Care -

Assessment of wound, nutrition, labs and supplies. Treatment of any wound infection, diabetic ulcers, burns, pressure ulcers, surgical wounds or any other types of wounds/ulcers.

Physical Therapy -

Our physical therapists and licensed physical therapy assistants can help with exercises to reduce pain, and improve abilities such as walking or transferring safely.

Occupational Therapy -

Our licensed occupational therapists and licensed occupational therapy assistants can help patients maintain the ability to care for themselves as long as possible.

Speech Language Pathology Services -

Our registered speech therapist helps patients with difficulty speaking and swallowing.

Medical Social Services -

Our medical social workers have extensive experience helping patients obtain local resources to meet their needs, and provide support with the social and emotional aspects of terminal illness.

Home Health and Hospice Aides -

Our certified nursing assistants help patients with hygiene needs, such as bathing and dressing.

Spiritual Counseling -

Our spiritual counselor is available to provide support with emotional and spiritual issues.

Registered Dietician Services -

Our dietician helps patients with nutritional support, and special dietary needs.

Services We Offer

Whether you need Home Health or Hospice Services, our Staff is here to help you and your family while you stay in the comfort and security of your home. 

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